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Star Jones
Founder & Executive Director

As National Spokesperson and President, Star is the “face” of NAPW. She is tasked with conveying the message, brand and image of NAPW worldwide and has responsibility for the overall development, expansion, integration and implementation of NAPW’s development and programming strategy.

As a former NY homicide prosecutor, law as a profession and advocacy for causes she believes in continues to be Star’s first love. For the last 25 years she was and still is, a licensed attorney in the state of New York. Given the opportunity to expand her reach and influence, Star has worked in television for over 20 years as a journalist, talk show host and commentator. A skilled and talented litigator, Star is best known to television viewers for her candor, confidence and uncanny ability to clarify muddy legal and social issues as an NBC News Legal Correspondent and Veteran Legal Analyst and as a co-host of ABC’s The View for nine years. Her knowledge of the law and talent for television has won her critical acclaim as a news and legal correspondent, television host and social commentator. She can presently be seen on NBC’s Today Show as the veteran legal contributor and as co-host of “Today’s Professionals,” the runaway hit commentary team of heavy hitter power players in the worlds of business, medicine and law. Star is also an accomplished author who has written two best-selling non-fiction books: You Have to Stand for Something, or You’ll Fall for Anything (Bantam) and Shine…a Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Journey to Finding Love (Harper Collins). Her third book, “Satan’s Sisters” (a fictional account of the behind-the-scenes workings of a daytime talk show) was published spring 2011 (Gallery) and is being developed into a network television movie and series by VH1 which Star will co-executive produce.

Since 2011, she has been the face of American Heart Association’s National Go Red efforts, has lobbied Congress on behalf of AHA and was asked by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to speak at the National Day of Service on heart health during President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration. She passionately continues to utilize her name, voice, time and international media platform to combat cardiovascular disease -­‐ the nation’s number one killer.